Animal Disease

Just as we do, animals get sick. And like us, they deserve the right care and treatment to recover.

Disease is one of the most common threats to animal wellbeing. It’s estimated that one in five farm animals are lost due to diseases each year, while many more animals suffer the effects of illness.

Animal health products help protect, diagnose and treat animals against disease. Medicines alleviate the suffering of the animal, boost healthy productivity and ensure fewer animals are lost to disease.

But there is still more to do. The 20 percent of animals lost to preventable disease is the great challenge for farmers, veterinarians and animal medicine providers. As well as encouraging more vaccination and preventative treatments, we must also be vigilant against new and emerging diseases. This means continually developing new medicines and innovative treatments to stay one step ahead.

Diseases are in a state of constant change, and new, innovative medicines will be needed to counter each new threat to animal wellbeing.

farmers and veterinarians across the world avoid losing animals every day. These medicines work alongside farmers’ own careful husbandry and the expertise of veterinarians to support the wellbeing of the animals in their care.

Quick facts

One out of five farm animals are lost to disease every year according to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).
Over just 12 years at the start of the millennium, six international incidents of animal disease caused economic losses of US$ 80 billion.
Just one disease, foot and mouth, costs farmers up to $21 billion dollars globally every year.
Research has found that cattle disease can increase GHG emissions by up to 24% per unit of milk and 113% per beef carcass
The Australian Government estimates that an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease would cost farmers AUD$80 billion in direct costs over 10 years.
An FAO study found that after an outbreak of avian influenza in Mexico, egg prices rose 82%

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