Other Medicines

Animal health relies on a wide range of medicines alongside diagnostics, proper husbandry, good biosecurity, veterinary access and more. Whether it’s cattle or cats, animals deserve all the products and services needed to support good health.

For example, implementation of good biosecurity and hygiene – ranging from washing our hands before interacting with pets to sophisticated rearing facilities for livestock – are fundamental to keeping illness away from animals. Nutritional supplements and improved feeds can provide animals with essential vitamins for better overall health throughout their life.

Immune stimulants can also help boost animals’ natural defense against illness, just like the probiotics or supplements that humans take. And when the worst happens and an animal falls ill, accurate and reliable diagnostics help veterinarians quickly identify the underlying disease and corresponding treatment.

These tools show that there is no ‘silver bullet,’ and proper animal care relies on a full spectrum of products being available. This ensures animal owners can access the right medicines or other products necessary to promote good health throughout the life of their animal.

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