Disease prevention through vaccination is essential in helping animals live healthy lives.

The benefits of vaccines have long been understood by generations of parents who’ve protected the health of their children. Similarly, for farmers, veterinarians and pet owners, vaccines provide essential protections against illness in livestock and pets.

Vaccination offers an effective, inexpensive way to prevent a deadly disease from harming the animals in their care. These medicines are foundational to any animal health program, with the benefits extending even to public health.

When animals are protected against a zoonotic disease, it prevents transfer to people. This is especially important for a disease like rabies which still kills nearly 60,000 people every year in developing regions.

Vaccines are one of the most important tools available to care for animal health and, by extension, our own health.

Quick facts

Rinderpest devasted cattle across the world for decades. Through vaccines and a globally coordinated effort, the disease was declared successfully eradicated in 2011.

A study found that every $1 spent on vaccinating livestock against Brucellosis provided $3.20 in benefits to society

Globally, on average, every two cattle vaccinated is correlated with one person avoiding hunger

A 40% vaccination rate in Brazil is associated with a 12.8% reduction in land use for livestock

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