Publications Summary - Animal health and Sustainability: A Global Data Analysis

Summary - Animal health and Sustainability: A Global Data Analysis


Oxford Analytica, a leading research and analysis firm, recently developed a new report – Animal Health and Sustainability: A Global Data Analysis, which was commissioned by HealthforAnimals. The report analyses the relationship between animal health and the three pillars of sustainability, environmental, economic and social. Below is a link to download a five page summary of the report.

The report’s unique regression model produced findings such as:

  • Economic: A 60% global vaccination rate for beef cattle is associated with a productivity rise of more than 50%.
  • Environment: A fall in livestock disease of 10 percentage points is associated with an 800 million tonne decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Social: Globally, on average, every two cattle vaccinated is correlated with one person avoiding hunger

The report also offers case studies that show livestock disease represents $358.4 billion in annual production losses, how scaling up existing animal health practices could feed 9+ billion without increasing emissions, and more.

Access the summary document by clicking on the ‘Download’ link below. The full 60-page report can also be found here.