Diagnostics are the crucial link between the two key strategies for good health, prevention and treatment.

Veterinary diagnostics are critical for animal health, identifying health issues before they are otherwise able to be detected and supporting faster diagnosis and treatment planning.

Traditional diagnosis analyzes blood, tissue, urine or stool to detect proteins, antibodies, disease presence or general indicators of overall health. Lab-based testing ensures accurate, quality results while point-of-care diagnostics enable real-time decisions that can ease concerned animal owners. These analyses are a cornerstone of veterinary care.

Digital diagnostics unlock the preventative power of the technology by identifying trends in wellness data that human experts may overlook, creating new possibilities for early disease detection. Artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge approaches mean greater opportunities to detect risk patterns in growing volumes of data.

Diagnostics offer ‘untapped potential’ in the global animal health landscape. These technologies can play a fundamental role in any preventative strategy by offering disease tracking and tracing, allowing for actions like surge vaccination.

Expansion of reliable, effective diagnostics can drastically improve our understanding of disease and strengthen the health of animals around the globe.

Quick facts

Diagnostics are technologies that can detect the presence of animal disease pathogens, disease indicators or parasites through sample (e.g. oral fluid, blood, stool, urine, etc) assessment

Diagnostics can support preventative strategies by offering disease tracking and tracing, allowing for actions like surge vaccination

Early diagnosis can reduce the duration and intensity of treatment needed while also protecting other livestock on the farm. In the home, this helps reduce the risk of zoonotic illness transfer between pets and the surrounding people


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