Global Trends in Animal Antibiotic Use One Health action is necessary

One Health action is necessary for minimizing AMR risk

Recent changes in human use of antibiotics

From 2000 to 2018
according to a
Lancet study

Source: The Lancet

From 2000 to 2016. ‘Watch’ antibiotics have ‘higher resistance potential’ according to the WHO

Source: The Lancet

Although global human antibiotic consumption may be rising, some markets have decreased use. An EU report, Antimicrobial Resistance in the EU/EEA: A One Health Response, found that overall human antibiotic use in the EU had fallen, although when looking at specific classes, broad-spectrum antibiotic use in humans has risen.

AMR is a ‘One Health’ challenge, meaning it requires complementary action across humans, animals and environment. This means reducing the need for antibiotics, researching transfer pathways, strengthening surveillance across all three domains. A University of Edinburgh study found that reducing antibiotic use only in animals but not in people has “little impact on the level of resistance in humans.”

Source: Royal Society Open Science