Publications Animal Medicines and the Environment: Principles and Practices

Animal Medicines and the Environment: Principles and Practices


Protecting our environment is essential for the long-term health of both people and animals. Many private and public actors are rightly paying more attention to the release of medicines into the environment. Managing emissions and limiting any potential environmental impacts will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focused on the environment – in particular Goals 6, 14 and 15: clean water and sanitation, life below water and on land.

Animal health companies recognize that we have a fundamental role to play in environmental protection, alongside our mission to protect the health and welfare of animals.

This document, Animal Health Products and the Environment, outlines the principles and practices our Members adhere to during each step of a medicine life-cycle (development and authorization; manufacturing; use and disposal; and post-use). It also outlines where and how other stakeholders can take action to ensure proper environmental stewardship of medicines.