Publications World Veterinary Day 2013

World Veterinary Day 2013


IFAH calls for continued innovation in vaccines to support veterinarians in their efforts to prevent and protect against disease

Brussels, 26 April 2013 – The International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) calls for further innovation in vaccines to prevent and protect against diseases on the occasion of World Veterinary Day 2013 taking place on 27 April 2013. IFAH joins the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in celebrating the promotion of effective and efficient veterinary services which are crucial for the success of vaccination in animal health. IFAH Executive Director Barbara Freischem said: “Disease prevention through vaccination is an indispensable tool for veterinarians in the combat for continued prevention and control of animal disease. Vaccines stop the spread of a large number of transmissible diseases that threaten the health and welfare of both animals and people. Successful vaccination campaigns, which are dependent on the provision of high quality vaccines that can be delivered and administered in a safe and rapid fashion by trained veterinarians, can lead to the eradication of diseases from specific geographical regions and even from the world.” In the case of Rinderpest for example, thanks to the collaborative effort between veterinarians, scientists, and governments in a widespread vaccination programme coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the OIE, the disease was officially declared globally eliminated in June 2011. Vaccination campaigns for rabies have been so successful in some areas of Europe that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has set targets for elimination of the virus in other geographical regions. Vaccination has profoundly influenced and improved world health and continues to be a fundamental tool to meet future health challenges. It is therefore vitally important to continue to invest in innovation and R&D to further improve and find new vaccines. IFAH calls on policy-makers to foster an environment which stimulates innovation and promotes prevention and protection against emerging and existing diseases posing a risk to both animals and humans. Initiated by the WVA in 2000, World Veterinary Day recognises the vital work of veterinarians and, in collaboration with the OIE, rewards the most successful celebrations of the veterinary profession by national veterinary associations and bodies every year. The theme of this year’s award is vaccination. The award will be delivered at the OIE 81st General Session to be held in Paris, France on 26 May 2013 and the winner will be invited to the World Veterinary Congress 17 – 20 September in Prague, Czech Republic.

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The International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) is an organisation representing manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products in both developed and developing countries across five continents. The mission of IFAH is to foster a greater understanding of animal health matters and promote a predictable, science-based regulatory environment that facilitates the supply of innovative and quality animal medicines, vaccines and other animal health products into a competitive market place. These products contribute to a healthy and safe food supply as well as a high standard of health and welfare for animals and people.

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