Publications Juan Ramón Alaix Elected President of International Federation for Animal Health

Juan Ramón Alaix Elected President of International Federation for Animal Health


Juan Ramón Alaix, President of Pfizer Animal Health, was elected for a two-year term as President of the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH), the worldwide organisation representing the manufacturers of veterinary medicines. Mr. Alaix, a longstanding member of IFAH’s Board of Directors with a wealth of experience in the animal health industry, was elected by unanimous vote by the Board of Directors of IFAH today in Brussels.

Upon accepting the position, Mr. Alaix said: “I’m honoured to accept this role and grateful for the vote of confidence from the Board. I want to recognise my predecessor, Eric Marée, whose efforts to expand IFAH’s collaboration with key partners as well as spearheading an initiative to improve understanding of the industry’s vital work have been exemplary. I pledge to expand upon this strong foundation to address the challenges the industry faces now and in the future.”

“The need for innovation in the animal health industry has never been greater than it is today,” Alaix continued. “With a rapidly expanding population, the need for the development of new medicines is not only vital for ensuring tomorrow’s global food supply, but also for safeguarding against zoonotic pathogens that can pass from animals to humans and vice versa. Through my tenure as president and with the assistance of IFAH’s members and key partners, I will work to assure an environment that is supportive of innovation and the customers we serve, consistent with IFAH’s guiding message — ‘Healthy Animals, Healthier World’.”

Outgoing IFAH President Eric Marée said: “Given the challenges our industry faces and will be called upon to address in the future, I am happy to be passing the baton into hands as capable as Juan Ramón’s. Though the remit of the animal health industry includes developing medicines for a variety of species it is a small player compared to the human health pharmaceutical industry. I am confident Juan Ramón will be instrumental in evolving a strong case for more consistent, robust and science-based regulatory standards.”

Barbara Freischem, IFAH Executive Director, said: “I look forward to working with Juan Ramón, particularly with regard to IFAH’s commitment to developing new relationships in emerging markets and developing countries. Building an understanding about animal health products and how vital they are to safeguarding human health is integral to our work around the world.”

A video of Juan Ramón Alaix outlining his outlook as incoming president of IFAH has been uploaded and can be viewed on IFAH’s website: or IFAH’s youtube channel:
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