Publications IFAH endorses new strategic plan and pushes animal health forward in the global debate

IFAH endorses new strategic plan and pushes animal health forward in the global debate


Brussels, 7 May 2009. IFAH, the International Federation for Animal Health, held its General Assembly on 22 April endorsing a new strategic plan streamlining its activities for 2009-2011. The 37 member companies and associations of the federation also elected its Board Members for two years and appointed Eric Marée (Virbac) as President.

The newly elected President of IFAH, Eric Marée, presented the achievements of the federation in 2008, a year of “progress and change, with increased trust in the animal health industry as a whole, and the industry being a recognised contributor in the global debate”, he said.

IFAH was engaged in an open dialogue with the OIE1, the FAO2 and the WHO3 to tackle emerging diseases and food safety, to ensure availability and quality animal health products in developing countries, and to improve regulatory efficiency. This sprit of good collaboration led to the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the FAO in 2008 on the establishment of standards and protocols for the quality control of trypanocidal drugs.
The international federation unveiled its new strategic plan for 2009-2011 built around three priorities: Regulatory Framework, Value to Society and Leadership within the federation. Barbara Freischem, Executive Director of IFAH concluded: ‘Never have I been so convinced that a federation like IFAH has a considerable role to play in the continuous interaction between the health and welfare of animals on the one hand, and society at large on the other. Ensuring a constant dialogue with international stakeholders and institutions is crucial in this regard, and this will continue to be our commitment in 2009.’

The IFAH Board comprises 11 representatives from Member Companies and 6 representatives from Member Associations located in /New Zealand, Europe, South and Central America, North America, South East Asia, Japan. The newly elected vice-Presidents are Jose Barella (Merial, USA), George Gunn (Novartis Animal Health Inc., Switzerland, former President), Juan-Ramon Alaix (Pfizer Animal Health, USA) and Lykele van der Broek (Bayer Animal Health GmBH, Germany). Joachim Hasenmaier (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, Germany) is Treasurer of the federation.