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Women of Animal Health

All around the world, women leaders are protecting the future of animal health. 

Meet a few of them.

In Australia, sheep are the backbone of the agriculture industry. It’s one of the reasons Holly Ludeman, pictured here, says she is proud to be a veterinarian.

This passion also drives Australia’s sheep farmers. This farm in Southeast Australia focuses on sustainable operations and ensuring their animals have “a nice place to live, it’s well sheltered, and they have good food.”

On the other side of the globe in Scotland, healthy salmon are also at the country’s code. Veterinarians travel by boat to floating farms to examine the fish and check for any signs of problems.

Their work requires tracking the salmon throughout their life, even at this small of a size. If disease strikes when a fish is young and vulnerable, the consequences are life threateneing.

The treatments used by these veternarians on farms across the world are made possible by women leaders in the labratory, like this one in Belgium. Here teams develop new animal medicines for disease treatment.