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Vets are on the COVID-19 frontlines. They need greater support to maintain supply chains

Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, HealthforAnimals Executive Director, recently published an op-ed in the Euronews explaining the importance of veterinary medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Only a fraction of the global population has been infected by COVID-19, but almost all of us are now dealing with the paralysis that comes with a pandemic.

Despite unprecedented circumstances and protective measures, there are some aspects of life that simply cannot be postponed, isolated at home or “socially distanced” – and one of these is the health of our animals.

We rely on livestock for a safe supply of milk, meat and eggs in our supermarkets, especially now that the supply chain is under distribution pressure, and we need our pets for comfort even more than usual.

So, while it is wise for governments to take strong actions in the face of a threat like COVID-19, it is also critical that these restrictions do not put at risk the veterinary services that protect animals.

Like people, animals will inevitably face the same, day-to-day health threats and illnesses that arise outside of a major disease outbreak, and like people, animals will suffer if they and veterinarians cannot access vital health supplies.

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