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Three Zoonotic Diseases That We Can Stop

Did you know that this month is National Immunization Awareness Month in the United States? It is held every August as an opportunity to recognize the benefits of vaccination for our health. This makes it a great time to highlight the importance of animal vaccinations to our health.

The below cards dive into three zoonotic diseases that we can stop through immunization. Each one has an effective vaccine that can protect animals from the disease and prevent it from spreading to people.

It shows that control doesn’t just stop at the creation of a single vaccine though.

For a disease like Bruscellosis, strains in areas of Africa and Asia are not responsive to the vaccine and require new research breakthroughs. 

For rabies and Japanese encephalitis, governments, private sector, international institutions and communities need to work together on long-term, well-organzed strategies to truly eradicate the disease.