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Our top newsletter picks from 2018

Throughout 2018 HealthforAnimals has been providing you with bite-sized articles about the global animal health agenda. We’ve had access to experts from across the industry in different parts of the world and insight on many key issues; from reporting on zoonotic diseases, to the changing face of the veterinary industry.

We don’t want you to miss a thing, so below we’ve rounded up our top content picks from across the year to help see you through to 2019.

21st Century Insights in Animal Health (Article)

‘Big data’ has been a buzzword in human healthcare for years. As computers and applications become more powerful, we’re able to analyse reams of data and discover new insights into disease. Here, we look at five ways big data is shaping the future of animal health.

The Big Data Revolution in Animal Health

The Trends Shaping Animal Health (Infographic)

Just like the world around us, animal health has undergone transformative change in the 21st century. Here are the four trends that will drive animal agriculture and pet care in the coming years.

Stopping Black Market, Illegal and Counterfeit Medicines (Interview)

To help tackle the rise in illegal medicine use, policymakers need to stop seeing animal health and medicine issues as second-tier to human. Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, Executive Director of HealthforAnimals explains why this is key.

How to Take Actions against Illegal Medicines

Protecting Animals to Protect Ourselves against Illness (Article)

It’s estimated that there are 150 zoonotic diseases in the world, and each year. We focus on five of some of the most important zoonotic diseases in the world right now and what is being done to limit their impact.

Five Zoonotic Diseases you Need to Know About

Veterinarians: The Front Line Fighters against Disease (Infographic)

Disease prevention is the foundation of good animal health. It stops the spread of outbreaks, preserves medicines like antibiotics and – most importantly – safeguards animal welfare.

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