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Brazil Results Summary

Between September 28 and October 9, 2020, a survey of 3,258 pet owners was commissioned by the global animal health association, HealthforAnimals, and global healthcare communications consultancy Pegasus, an Ashfield company, part of UDG Healthcare PLC.

The survey was conducted by Censuswide, a global survey provider. Participants from four countries took part, including Brazil (1,015), the US (1,010) France (625), and the UK (608). The pet owners were divided evenly (50:50) between dog and cat owners.

Download the survey materials or view an overview of the Brazilian results below:

Overview of Brazilian Survey Results

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted health care for Brazilian pets.

  • 1 out of 3 pet owners (33%) delayed or avoided contacting their veterinary practice since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 1 in 5 pet owners (20%) treated their cat or dog at home for something they normally would have visited the vet for, while more than 1 in 10 pets (13%) missed essential, routine treatments like vaccines, and flea, tick or worm treatments.
  • Pet owners cited concerns around exposure beyond social bubbles and inability to leave home due to quarantine as primary reasons avoiding veterinary practices.

80% of Brazilian pet owners were able to list at least one safety measure adopted by their veterinary practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Social distancing, only allowing one person to accompany pets to appointments, and disinfectants available for customers to use were the most common precautions.
  • Only 1% of pet owners said their veterinary clinic had not adopted new safety measures in response to Covid-19.

Telemedicine tools were widely adopted and Brazilian pet owners were satisfied with results

  • Nearly 2/3rds (60%) of pet owners stated their veterinarian offered digital/remote consultations, up from 21 per cent prior to the pandemic.
  • 84% of pet owners who has a consultation with their veterinarian using remote or digital tools were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the overall consultation.
  • Over two-thirds of pet owners (69%) said they are willing to pay for veterinary advice/consultation through these services and 56% agreed or strongly agreed that it is important that their dog or cat is registered with a veterinary practice that offers digital/remote consultations

Majority of Brazilian pet owners had no problem accessing animal medicines

  • 59% of pet owners said the pandemic did not make it harder to access medicines nor did they need to provide a different medicine than their pet is used to.
  • For pet owners who had difficulty, the top issues were the veterinary practice and/or pharmacist was not open or the medicine was more expensive than normal.
  • Only 6.6% said their veterinary practice and/or pharmacist did not have their medicine in stock; Only 2.9% said their medicine was not available online.

Additional Survey Results