• Animal Health, One Health, Nutrition, Livestock, Sustainability, and Growth: Briefing for Food Systems Summit


    This briefing provides a fact base for FSS stakeholders, helping them to make game-changing, science-based policy recommendations. Improved animal health supports more sustainable livestock, resilient farming systems, strong animal welfare and safe, nutritious food. Five recommendations are made at the end for how the FSS can help enable access to animal health products/services, veterinary care, and finance.

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  • Veterinary Care Experiences during Covid-19 : Survey of Pet Owners


    Between September 28 and October 9, 2020, a survey of 3,258 pet owners was commissioned by the global animal health association, HealthforAnimals, and global healthcare communications consultancy Pegasus, an Ashfield company, part of UDG Healthcare PLC.   The survey was conducted by Censuswide, a global survey provider. Participants from four countries took part, including Brazil (1,015), the US (1,010) France (625), and the UK (608). The pet owners were divided evenly (50:50) between dog and...

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  • Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: The Value of Healthier Animals


    By 2030, our global population is expected to grow to 8.5 billion – nearly 1 billion more than live on our planet today. Sustainably providing for their health and livelihoods is paramount, but we face significant challenges.   These challenges are why the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — our global “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” by 2030. The United Nations estimates the world is behind in achieving the SDGs and current...

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  • Letter to FAIRR


    HealthforAnimals thanks FAIRR for their recent questions regarding our Members and the animal health sector.  Our Members value the opportunity to answer these questions in order to provide detail on our sector’s perspective and actions on antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance and responsible use. The Animal Health sector believes in open, transparent dialogue on these topics as the best way to build productive conversations that can lead to collaborative solutions. Therefore, this letter has...

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  • Open Letter on the Value of Agriculture


    HealthforAnimals is proud to join 65+ signatories -- including producer groups, veterinary associations, research institutes, and individual academics around the globe -- in signing this Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture.

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  • Guidelines for applications of GS1 markings to animal health products


    Updated in 2020, this guideline was developed as a requirement, so that, when and where product identification is required, there will be consistency in the use of a data structure worldwide. This guideline specifies the use of GS1 application identifiers (AI’s) within a Data Matrix symbology for encoding the data. As appropriate, this document is based on the General GS1 Specifications. HealthforAnimals has agreed on a unique worldwide identification principle for Animal Health products...

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  • Caring for Pets During COVID-19


    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), there is no evidence that pets can transmit COVID-19. However, during this time of incredible uncertainty, pets still need veterinary care.   Should an animal fall ill with an infection, suffer an injury or need some other form of treatment, it may not be clear how to ensure they receive the care they need.   HealthforAnimals and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) have created a...

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  • COVID-19: How We Are Acting


    The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented public health crisis creating hardships for communities everywhere — the medical challenges, the isolation, the economic pressures, the strains on everyday goods and more. Our world is in a challenging place. We are heartened though to see people around the globe stepping up in response. Medical personnel saving lives, farms strengthening production to keep us fed, food retailers continuing to serve customers, and everyday people working...

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  • African Swine Fever Declaration


    HealthforAnimals, the global animal medicines association, and our Members recognize that African swine fever (ASF) is an unprecedented crisis that threatens animal welfare along with the food security and livelihoods of people around the globe.   Our African Swine Fever Declaration outlines the ASF challenge and a vision for better control while we work towards a vaccine. This includes increasing biosecurity, timely outbreak reporting, leveraging trade measures like compartmentalization, and...

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  • Feuille de route pour reduire le besoin d'antibiotiques


    Les antibiotiques constituent la pierre angulaire de la médecine moderne et de la santé publique.   Les antibiotiques sont le seul moyen de soigner une maladie bactérienne. Il n’existe à l’heure actuelle aucune autre solution.   Nous pouvons cependant tirer parti de toute la gamme des outils de santé animale pour réduire le besoin d'antibiotiques.   Ensemble, ces outils peuvent améliorer la prévention, la détection et le traitement des maladies animales.   Notre feuille de route pour réduire le besoin...

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