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Press releases

  • HealthforAnimals say now is the time to take the bite out of deadly rabies


    4th annual World Zoonosis Day – 6th July 2015 Leading voices unite in call to work together to stop the preventable disease that causes 60,000 deaths annually New infographic highlights the increasing zoonosis threat and the need to take action now Brussels, 6th July 2015 – Rabies is a zoonotic disease meaning that it can be transmitted from infected animals to humans, e.g. through a bite from a dog or bat. It is found on all continents except for Antarctica but thanks to rabies vaccines, it...

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  • Global Animal Health Conference Addresses Regulatory Barriers


    Dar Es Salaam, 24-25 June 2015 - The 4th Global Animal Health Conference, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and hosted by HealthforAnimals (formerly known as IFAH), takes place on 24th - 25th June 2015. Being held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, the aim of this year’s conference is to help break down the regulatory barriers that prevent some developing countries from accessing quality veterinary medicines. These medicines are important to protect not only animal health but human health...

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  • Global Animal Health Industry Urges G7 Nations to Promote Cross-Cooperation between Human and Veterinary Sectors to Combat Antibiotic Resistance


    Brussels, Belgium, 7-8 June 2015 – HealthforAnimals welcomes initiatives to table the issue of antibiotic resistance at the 41st G7 Summit in Upper Bavaria on 7 and 8 June 2015. The association believes it is important that antibiotics, which are vital tools in any veterinarian’s and medical doctors’ toolbox, are used responsibly whenever they are employed, whether by the human medical world, the veterinary sector, or elsewhere. Antibiotics are a vital part of the veterinarian’s toolkit. They...

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  • IFAH announces new identity as 'HealthforAnimals'


    Brussels, 1st June 2015 – The International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH), the global organisation representing the manufacturers of veterinary medicines, has today announced its new name and visual identity. The not-for-profit organisation will now be known as HealthforAnimals. The name change better reflects the organisation’s vision to communicate the important contribution the animal health sector brings to society, and broadens its influence and impact as the global voice of...

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  • IFAH Unveils One World, One Health Animation


    To celebrate the One Health initiative and highlight its key achievements to date, IFAH has launched a new animated video called One World, One Health. Launched today, the video can be viewed on the IFAH YouTube channel and on One Health is a global concept which forges collaboration between human and animal health, to achieve better health for people, animals and the environment. IFAH’s animation showcases some of the key medical developments and discoveries which could have...

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  • IFAH Commends World Veterinary Day for Raising Awareness of Vector-borne Diseases


    IFAH has commended World Veterinary Day (Saturday 25th April), which was created to highlight the lifesaving work performed by vets around the globe, for raising awareness of vector-borne diseases (VBDs) with zoonotic potential. Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, IFAH Executive Director, says: “We’re delighted that this year’s World Veterinary Day theme will highlight the issues caused by vector-borne diseases. VBDs is a topic that IFAH has had a strong focus on for the last 12 months, acknowledging...

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  • George Heidgerken Appointed President of IFAH


    Brussels, 18 March 2015 – George Heidgerken has been appointed for a two-year term as President of the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH), the worldwide organisation representing the manufacturers of veterinary medicines. Corporate Senior Vice President of Boehringer Ingelheim and Global Head of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, George Heidgerken has extensive and global experience of the animal health sector. Prior to his current position, he sat as President and CEO of...

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  • IFAH Press Release: Launch of white paper on vector-borne disease with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


    Brussels, 27 November 2015 - Vector-borne diseases (VBDs) currently account for 17% of the global burden of all infectious diseases. The most deadly of which, malaria, causes an estimated 627,000 deaths annually. Conditions that affect livestock can also have a significant economic impact, for example trypanosomiasis accounts for losses in cattle production of up to 1.2 billion dollars a year. Download the press release: IFAH whitepaper launch Download IFAH's 2014 white paper, the growing...

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  • IFAH reinforces call for transparency, monitoring and education on responsible use of antibiotics


    Amsterdam, 29 September 2014 – As global experts come together at the 3rd International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Amsterdam, the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) reinforces its message of responsible use of antibiotics in both human and veterinary medicines.

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  • IFAH calls for combined innovation strategies on World Rabies Day


    Brussels 27 September 2014 – On World Rabies Day 2014 (28 September 2014), the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) is calling for better coordination between goverments, regulators, healthcare providers and the public to tackle the multidimensional impacts of rabies by ensuring that everyone has access to innovations available for its prevention and control. Though well-controlled in Europe, rabies is still very much an immediate threat to human and animal populations in Africa...

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