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A vital contributor to both animal and human health, now and into the future, HealthforAnimals is the voice of the animal medicines industry globally. We provide value to society through ensuring healthy food-producing animals and sustaining their productivity. We protect the public from disease and keep pets healthy. We make food supplies safer and more secure whilst maintaining an efficient, environmentally sustainable production. Better animal health forms an integral part of animal welfare and it also means better public health. With three out of four emerging diseases coming to humans through animals, this reality makes dependable, quality veterinary medicines a necessity to prevent life-threatening disease in people.

Healthier animals, means healthier people and leads to a healthier planet – this is what we call One Health. Our vision is to create an understanding of the benefits of animal health products and how vital they are to preventing disease not only in animals but also in people, and to securing a sustainable food supply. How global agriculture will maintain and indeed optimise productivity with fewer resources is intrinsically linked to innovative solutions for animal health, and that is what we do best.

Executive Director, Carel du Marchie Sarvaas President, George Heidgerken
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Our sector in facts and figures

Global industry sales

$23.9 billion

The 10 largest animal health companies invest an average of 12% of their sales into research and innovation activities, a total amount of about

$1.6 billion
every year

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