• Delivering Sustainable Food Systems


    HealthforAnimals has signed on to a statement led by the global livestock sector outlining how events like the United Nations Food Systems Summit can deliver positive, productive proposals that can re-ignite efforts to achieve the SDGs.

    Read the full statement on Medium or click the download button below.

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  • New Innovation in Veterinary Care Presentations


    On June 4th 2021, HealthforAnimals and the World Veterinary Association co-hosted the webinar, New Innovation in Veterinary Care. Copies of the panelist presentations are available here:

    • Download All (Zip file)
    • Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, HealthforAnimals
    • Matthew Stone, World Organisation for Animal Health
    • Tommy Heffernan, Veterinary Consultant
    • Keith Sumption, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation
    • Merel Knoops, President, International Veterinary Students Association
    You may also watch the full...

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  • Innovation in Veterinary Care Event


    On June 4th 2021, HealthforAnimals and the World Veterinary Association will host a webinar exploring the innovations re-shaping worldwide veterinary care. It will be an opportunity to hear from the companies developing the technologies, the veterinarians deploying them and the policymakers helping the benefits reach every corner of the globe.

    Click below to download the flyer with a full agenda and speaker details.

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  • Environment Health and Communities: Animal Health Sector Sustainability Actions Report


    The Animal Health sector is embracing the global push to achieve the SDGs by 2030. The Members of HealthforAnimals represent approximately 90% of the Animal Health sector. Our ten companies work in nearly every country around the globe, operate international supply chains, employ tens of thousands of people, and touch the lives of over a billion farmers and pet owners.   Simply put – we have the networks, expertise and resources that can help advance the SDGs. Within this publication, you will...

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  • 2020 Global Benchmarking Survey Overview Report


    The HealthforAnimals Global Benchmarking Survey is run every 5 years and has now grown to include 11 countries in the 2020 survey. The purpose is to examine the interactions between industry and regulatory systems for veterinary medicinal products, particularly the impact of regulations on the animal health industry’s ability to access markets, be innovative, continue to commercialise existing products and be competitive.  In total 60 companies took part in the GBS2020 survey, with 10...

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  • New Frontiers in Animal Care: The Innovations Shaping the Future


    Scientific advances and emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence to stem cell therapy and new generations of vaccines, have provided greater opportunities to predict, prevent, diagnose and treat animal illness more quickly, accurately and safely. Veterinary researchers and developers continue to break new ground in reducing disease spread and its impact. New Frontiers in Animal Care outlines these innovations across several areas:

    • New Vaccines
    • Alternatives to Antibiotics
    • Digital

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  • 'Democratization of Prevention' - a Gamechanger Submission for UN Food Systems Summit


    The 2021 Food Systems Summit has called on organisations around the world to offer 'gamechanging solutions' that can improve how food is produced around the world. In response, HealthforAnimals has developed a proposed initiative entitled 'Democratization of Prevention.' It calls for widespread implementation of prevention strategies in future food systems and animal agriculture, not just in developed nations or on large farms.

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  • Animal Health, One Health, Nutrition, Livestock, Sustainability, and Growth: Briefing for Food Systems Summit


    This briefing provides a fact base for FSS stakeholders, helping them to make game-changing, science-based policy recommendations. Improved animal health supports more sustainable livestock, resilient farming systems, strong animal welfare and safe, nutritious food. Five recommendations are made at the end for how the FSS can help enable access to animal health products/services, veterinary care, and finance.

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  • Veterinary Care Experiences during Covid-19 : Survey of Pet Owners


    Between September 28 and October 9, 2020, a survey of 3,258 pet owners was commissioned by the global animal health association, HealthforAnimals, and global healthcare communications consultancy Pegasus, an Ashfield company, part of UDG Healthcare PLC.   The survey was conducted by Censuswide, a global survey provider. Participants from four countries took part, including Brazil (1,015), the US (1,010) France (625), and the UK (608). The pet owners were divided evenly (50:50) between dog and...

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  • Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: The Value of Healthier Animals


    By 2030, our global population is expected to grow to 8.5 billion – nearly 1 billion more than live on our planet today. Sustainably providing for their health and livelihoods is paramount, but we face significant challenges.   These challenges are why the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — our global “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” by 2030. The United Nations estimates the world is behind in achieving the SDGs and current...

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  • Letter to FAIRR


    HealthforAnimals thanks FAIRR for their recent questions regarding our Members and the animal health sector.  Our Members value the opportunity to answer these questions in order to provide detail on our sector’s perspective and actions on antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance and responsible use. The Animal Health sector believes in open, transparent dialogue on these topics as the best way to build productive conversations that can lead to collaborative solutions. Therefore, this letter has...

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  • Open Letter on the Value of Agriculture


    HealthforAnimals is proud to join 65+ signatories -- including producer groups, veterinary associations, research institutes, and individual academics around the globe -- in signing this Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture.

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  • Guidelines for applications of GS1 markings to animal health products


    Updated in 2020, this guideline was developed as a requirement, so that, when and where product identification is required, there will be consistency in the use of a data structure worldwide. This guideline specifies the use of GS1 application identifiers (AI’s) within a Data Matrix symbology for encoding the data. As appropriate, this document is based on the General GS1 Specifications. HealthforAnimals has agreed on a unique worldwide identification principle for Animal Health products...

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  • Caring for Pets During COVID-19


    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), there is no evidence that pets can transmit COVID-19. However, during this time of incredible uncertainty, pets still need veterinary care.   Should an animal fall ill with an infection, suffer an injury or need some other form of treatment, it may not be clear how to ensure they receive the care they need.   HealthforAnimals and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) have created a...

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  • COVID-19: How We Are Acting


    The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented public health crisis creating hardships for communities everywhere — the medical challenges, the isolation, the economic pressures, the strains on everyday goods and more. Our world is in a challenging place. We are heartened though to see people around the globe stepping up in response. Medical personnel saving lives, farms strengthening production to keep us fed, food retailers continuing to serve customers, and everyday people working...

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  • African Swine Fever Declaration


    HealthforAnimals, the global animal medicines association, and our Members recognize that African swine fever (ASF) is an unprecedented crisis that threatens animal welfare along with the food security and livelihoods of people around the globe.   Our African Swine Fever Declaration outlines the ASF challenge and a vision for better control while we work towards a vaccine. This includes increasing biosecurity, timely outbreak reporting, leveraging trade measures like compartmentalization, and...

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  • Feuille de route pour reduire le besoin d'antibiotiques


    Les antibiotiques constituent la pierre angulaire de la médecine moderne et de la santé publique.   Les antibiotiques sont le seul moyen de soigner une maladie bactérienne. Il n’existe à l’heure actuelle aucune autre solution.   Nous pouvons cependant tirer parti de toute la gamme des outils de santé animale pour réduire le besoin d'antibiotiques.   Ensemble, ces outils peuvent améliorer la prévention, la détection et le traitement des maladies animales.   Notre feuille de route pour réduire le besoin...

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  • Hoja de ruta para reducir la necesidad de uso de los antibioticos


    Los antibióticos son la piedra angular de la salud pública y medicina moderna. Los antibióticos son la única forma de tratar las enfermedades bacterianas. Actualmente no existen alternativas. Sin embargo, podemos aprovechar toda la gama de herramientas en sanidad animal para reducir la necesidad del uso de antibióticos. Estas herramientas juntas pueden mejorar la prevención, detección y tratamiento de las enfermedades animales. Nuestra Hoja de ruta para reducir la necesidad del uso de...

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  • Animal Medicines and the Environment: Principles and Practices


    Protecting our environment is essential for the long-term health of both people and animals. Many private and public actors are rightly paying more attention to the release of medicines into the environment. Managing emissions and limiting any potential environmental impacts will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focused on the environment – in particular Goals 6, 14 and 15: clean water and sanitation, life below water and on land. Animal health companies recognize that we...

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  • How to Increase Animal Vaccination: 80 Recommendations to Overcome Existing Barriers


    How to Increase Animal Vaccination identifies the six major barriers which limit uptake of vaccines around the globe: economic, political, technical and scientific, regulatory, social and perception, and field use barriers.  The report then analyzes the underlying issues within each barrier (e.g. finances, trade, manufacturing, etc) and offers 80 clear, actionable recommendations to address them. The detailed, 50+ page report relies on dozens of citations and 20+ interviews with public and...

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  • Roadmap to Reducing the Need for Antibiotics


    The best way to preserve antibiotics is reduce the need for use. Better protection against illness can decrease disease levels, reduce the need for antibiotics and preserve welfare. The Roadmap to Reducing the Need for Antibiotics outlines a clear vision for achieving this goal, including greater public and private commitments to veterinary access, farmer training, AMR monitoring, vaccine development and more. The Roadmap also identifies 25 measurable actions our Members commit to achieving by...

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  • HealthforAnimals Statement on Article 118 of the new EU Veterinary Medicines Legislation


    In November 2018, the European Union (EU) passed new veterinary medicines legislation. Article 118 states that prohibitions, restrictions and use limitations for antimicrobials in the EU could also apply to livestock farmers in other countries exporting to the EU. HealthforAnimals has issued the following statement outlining questions and concerns about implementation.

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  • Response to OIE 'We Need you to Handle Antimicrobials with Care' Campaign


    We support OIE’s “We Need You” communications campaign - it is a well-thought out, targeted and action-oriented effort. Within the initiative, OIE makes seven recommendations for the ‘pharmaceutical sector.’ HealthforAnimals reviewed OIE’s recommendations. All seven are valuable ways in which we can promote responsible use. This document sets out the actions we are undertaking to fulfill each recommendation.

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  • New Report: Illegal Veterinary Medicines Impact and Effective Control


    Illegal veterinary medicines are a US$1-2 billion annual market. These counterfeit,  falsified and unregistered products harm animals and decrease food safety, while increasing the the risk of zoonotics and antimicrobial resistance. This report is the first-ever global assessment of illegal veterinary medicines, which comprehensively:

    • Defines illegal veterinary medicines,
    • Outlines illegal veterinary medicines market size,
    • Identifies risks to animals, veterinarians, people and businesses,
    • Describes

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  • Animal Health Sector Commitments and Actions on Antibiotic Use


    Antibiotics are key to treating infections in humans and animals - there are no alternatives to treating life-threatening bacterial infections. The world has recognized that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a challenge that costs lives. Our vision is a world where veterinary antibiotics are used responsibly to protect and treat animals, and where they maintain their value as a therapeutic tool. An equally important challenge is maintaining and increasing food safety and security. To address...

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  • A One Health Approach to Antibacterial Efficacy in Animal Health


    Antibacterial therapy remains the single most effective intervention in the treatment of specific diseases in animals and is an essential tool for protecting animal welfare. While preventative measures including vaccination are foundational in managing diseases and minimizing antibacterial use in livestock, antibacterial therapy is necessary for those situations where preventative measures fail to provide sufficient coverage. The One Health concept which integrates medical, veterinary and environmental health into a single approach provides a framework for understanding antibacterial use in veterinary medicine. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the efficacy of antibacterials for the treatment of animal diseases by comparison to similar use practices in human medicine.

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  • Administration of drugs to animals – necessity of group treatments


    Veterinary medicine has to deal with many different species. Furthermore, in case of food producing animals the group / herd / whole flock conditions has to be taken into consideration. The appropriate administration route for treatment depends on the specific case and can vary by illness, severity of illness, selected drug, age or condition of the animals, species of the animal, type of housing and other factors. Especially in poultry, swine and aquaculture group treatment via oral routes...

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  • Macrolides in the context of critically important antimicrobials


    Expert factsheet

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  • The use of 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones in Food-Producing Animals


    Expert fact-sheet

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  • Vaccination Myths


    Filling the void between vaccination fact and fiction

    Vaccination has resulted in human survival rates rising dramatically in the 20th century, surpassed in impact only by the increased availability of clean drinking water.
    Read more about this and other myth-busting facts about vaccination for animals in this Vaccination Myths paper.
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  • HealthforAnimals News - issue nr. 6 - September 2016

    The latest news from the global animal medicines association, HealthforAnimals: Read more
  • Global Vision for Regulation of Veterinary Medicines


    HealthforAnimals promotes a 2025 Vision for Regulation of Veterinary Medicines across the world.

    The vision sees efficient regulatory systems that result in harmonised, science-based decisions in predictable time frames, resulting in the wide availability of safe and effective veterinary medicines.

    This paper sets out a ten point plan supporting the vision.

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  • HealthforAnimals News - issue nr. 5 - July 2016

    The latest news from the global animal medicines association, HealthforAnimals: Read more
  • Global Benchmarking Survey 2015 Report


    Since 1996 HealthforAnimals has been reviewing and benchmarking the status of the different regional regulatory frameworks for veterinary medicines, the impacts these have on the industry, and the practices and impacts of the regulatory processes.

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  • Essentials of veterinary pharmacovigilance

    This document explains the essential elements of a basic pharmacovigilance system for monitoring the safety of veterinary medicinal products in the marketplace.
  • What the veterinary world does to fight antimicrobial resistance


    This document presents an overview of how the veterinary sector plays an active role in fighting anti-microbial resistance.

    It does so in multiple ways including policy tools, veterinary and animal health practices and educational outreach. Antibiotics play a vital role in animal health and welfare. It is important to achieve the appropriate balance between protection of public health and the environment and the need to treat sick animals.

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  • HealthforAnimals News - issue nr. 4 - March 2016


    The latest news from the global animal medicines association, HealthforAnimals

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  • Report: Innovation in animal health


    Historic success, current challenges & future opportunities The report, ‘Innovation in animal health’ discusses the future of the animal health industry and addresses common, global barriers to modern vaccine use including the regulatory process and market competition as well as existing scientific knowledge. Other areas addressed in the report include, pet health, food safety and sustainability, and zoonotic diseases. The report was generated from discussions at a global stakeholder...

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  • HealthforAnimals News - issue nr. 3 – December 2015


    The latest news from the global animal medicines association, HealthforAnimals.

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  • Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in veterinary science


    This publication is destined to serve as a guide to understanding the issue and avoiding inaccurate or misleading information on antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in veterinary science.

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  • HealthforAnimals News - issue nr. 2 - October 2015


    • HealthforAnimals publishes position on responsible use of medicines in animals
    • Codex Alimentarius advances food safety standards for animal health
    • Innovation in animal health
    • World Rabies Day: Rabies can and must be eradicated
    • New interactive infographic: the human-animal bond
    • Animal health around the globe

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  • HealthforAnimals News - Issue nr. 1 - July 2015

    09/07/2015 Read more
  • IFAH News - Issue nr. 9 - April 2015

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  • Overview of activities in 2014


    This report provides an overview of activities for the animal health industry in 2014.

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  • IFAH News - Issue nr. 8 - November 2014


    In Issue 8 (November) of IFAH News, find out the latest information and updates from the federation:

    • IFAH publishes white paper and infographic on vector-borne diseases
    • IFAH calls for combine innvoation strategies on World Rabies Day
    • IFAH calls for transparency, monitoring and education on responsible use of antibiotics
    • IFAH launches animation movie: healthy animals for a healthier world
    • New Infographic: the pathway to new veterinary medicines
    • IFAH website: new section on vaccines
    • F0llow us on

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  • IFAH News – Issue nr. 7 – June 2014


    In the seventh edition of IFAH News you can read the latest updates and activities from IFAH and the animal health industry around the globe :

    • Vector-borne disease: a priority topic for the global health agenda
    • IFAH at 28th session of Codex Committee on General Principles
    • IFAH participates in OFFLU-STAR IDAZ consultation on global animal influenza research agenda
    • Highlighting animal welfare on World Veterinary Day
    • OIE 82nd General Session: IFAH supports joint efforts for disease control
    • IFAH

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  • IFAH Annual Report 2013


    Overcoming barriers to animal disease prevention and control, a critical step towards One Health The IFAH 2013 annual report is now available. Entitled ‘Overcoming barriers to animal disease prevention and control, a critical step towards One Health’, the report outlines the animal health industry’s contribution to economic growth, food security, sustainability and public health. With an opening message from the IFAH President and the Acting Executive Director, the report includes a feature...

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  • IFAH News – Issue nr. 6 – March 2014


    In the fifth edition of IFAH News we introduce our new Executive Director and provide the latest updates and activities from IFAH and the animal health industry around the globe:

    • An introductory message from IFAH’s new Executive Director
    • Animal Health Industry supports FDA’s proposals on responsible use of antibiotics in food-producing animals
    • IFAH at OIE seminar for African focal points for veterinary products
    • New section for IFAH website
    • Raising awareness of animal health issues in Russia
    • Australian

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  • IFAH News – Issue nr. 5 – December 2013


    In the fifth edition of IFAH News you can read the latest updates and activities from IFAH and the animal health industry around the globe :

    • Global Animal Health Conference delivers recommendations
    • IFAH publishes white paper on emerging and re-emerging diseases
    • IFAH at IGSP Conference
    • VICH announces public conference in October 2015
    • Season's Greetings from IFAH
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  • IFAH News – Issue nr. 4 – October 2013


    In the fourth edition of IFAH News you can read the latest updates and activities from IFAH as well as view the video of IFAH President, Jeff Simmons addressing the animal health industry around the globe :

    • Last chance to register: Global Animal Health Conference
    • IFAH President’s address
    • IFAH at the OIE General Session
    • Supporting efficient policies for managing livestock diseases at OECD International Conference
    • IFAH Commends Codex Alimentarius Commission on 50-year anniversary in setting Global Food

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  • IFAH News Special Issue - Global Animal Health Conference


    In this special issue of IFAH News you can read the latest update on the Global Animal Health Conference taking place on on 17-18 October 2013 at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Washington DC. Register now for the conference at:

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  • IFAH News – Issue nr. 3 – June 2013


    In the third edition of IFAH News you can read the latest updates and activities from IFAH including:

    • New President for IFAH
    • IFAH Annual Report 2012 Out Now
    • Supporting Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals at OIE Conference
    • IFAH at 4th Global Feed and Food Congress in South Africa
    • How Veterinary Medicines Come to Market
    • Register Now for the Global Animal Health Conference
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  • IFAH Annual Report 2012


    The IFAH 2012 annual report is now available. Entitled ‘The costs of animal diseases and societal benefits from healthy animals’, the report contains opening messages from the IFAH President and the Executive Director and a feature article on the costs of animal disease with guest statements from OIE, FAO and WVA. The report also includes a summary of IFAH’s achievements throughout 2012 and an overview of regional activities in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa, and...

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  • IFAH News – Issue nr. 2 – March 2013


    This second edition of IFAH News contains updates on recent activities carried out by IFAH

    • Inauguration of the Indian Federation for Animal Health (INFAH)
    • Infographic on the One Health concept
    • IFAH in late night discussions at INC5
    • VICH: Harmonising Global Processes for Authorising Veterinary Medicines
    • Save the date! Global Animal Health Conference, October 2013
    View the browser version

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  • IFAH News - Issue nr. 1 - December 2012


    Welcome to the first edition of IFAH News! This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on our latest dialogues with major international bodies, provide expertise on emerging diseases and highlight major developments within the global animal health industry.

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  • VICH leaflet: Harmonising the Global Processes for Authorising Veterinary Medicines


    VICH has published a leaflet about its work and role in harmonising the global processes for authorising veterinary medicines. The leaflet can be viewed on and downloaded free of charge. *VICH: Cooperation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Medicinal Products

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  • Global Benchmarking Survey on the Animal Health Industry


    The Global Benchmarking Survey examines the interactions between industry and regulatory systems, particularly the impact of regulations on the animal health industry’s ability to be competitive and innovative. The outcome of this survey provides an invaluable wealth of information to support informed policy decisions in the continual search for best regulatory practice and opportunities for improvement. Click to download our concise summary of the survey outcome For more detailed information...

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  • Foot-and-mouth disease


    This educational handbook on foot-and-mouth disease is available in both French and English and can be ordered from CIRAD - IFAH holds a limited stock of English copies which can be requested from the Communications Department - This intiative is supported by:

    • World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
    • Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
    • French Minsitry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Rural Affairs and Spatial Planning
    • French

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  • IFAH Fact Sheet


    Full 2012 Fact Sheet "About IFAH" including:

    • Corporate Members
    • Association Members
    • Key Figures: Animal Health Market and World Animal Population
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  • Poster: "Veterinary medicines and society, timeline of veterinary science"


    Veterinary Science was “born” in 1761 with the opening of the first veterinary school in Lyon, France. This A4 poster gives an overview of the numerous breakthroughs that marked the history of animal health ever since. It also features a section on “How society benefits from veterinary medicines”.

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  • IFAH Annual Report 2011


    The IFAH 2011 annual report is now available. Entitled “Healthy animals, healthier world”, the report features articles on the role of the veterinary profession in society and its 250th anniversary, and why science-based regulation is vital for the future of a science-driven industry, as well as a success story on the eradication of rinderpest and the role of animal health products in disease eradication efforts. The report also outlines the achievements of IFAH and its members across the...

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  • Veterinary medicines and Food Safety


    To better understand the links between animal health and food safety, what is an ADI and how an MRL is established, read the IFAH brochure “Veterinary medicines and Food Safety”.

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  • IFAH leaflet "Why healthy animals help ensure a healthier world"


    No matter how well they are cared for, animals can still get sick and need medicines. Improved animal health through better healthcare ensures healthier people. Veterinary medicines are indispensable in keeping animals healthy.

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  • IFAH annual report 2010


    IFAH has produced the 2010 report on the theme “Healthy animals, healthier world”, featuring the achievements of IFAH and its members across the world as well as guest statements from key stakeholders such as the OIE, WVA, Codex Alimentarius, SSAFE and GALVmed.

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  • IFAH annual report 2009


    Caring for animals, Protecting animal and human health, Supporting global food production

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  • IFAH annual report 2008

    03/04/2008 Read more
  • Promoting a positive environment for veterinary medicines


    Veterinary medicines play a vital role, not only in the preservation of animal health and welfare standards across the globe, but also to the supply of safe, nutritious food and the protection of public health. IFAH is immensely proud of the huge advances its members have helped to achieve in these fields, and is excited by the potential that their current research efforts promise to unlock. But the federation is increasingly concerned at approaches to the regulation of animal health products, which...

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  • IFAH annual report 2007

    03/04/2007 Read more
  • IFAH annual report 2006


    Download here

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  • IFAH annual report 2005


    Download here

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