Antibiotics Commitment Signatories & Supporters

HealthforAnimals Member Companies:

HealthforAnimals Member Associations:

  • Argentina Caprove
  • Australia Animal Medicines Australia
  • Belgium PHARMA.BE
  • Argentina Caprove
  • Australia Animal Medicines Australia
  • Belgium PHARMA.BE
  • Brazil: Sindicato Nacional da Industria de Produtos Para Saude Animal (SINDAN)
  • Canada: Canadian Animal Health Institute
  • Chile: Association Gremial de Laboratorios de productos Veterinarios
  • Denmark: Danish Association for the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry
  • France: Syndicat de L’industrie Du Médicaments et Reactif Veterinaires (SIMV)
  • Germany: Bundesverband Für Tiergesundheit (BfT)
  • Europe: AnimalhealthEurope
  • India: Indian Federation of Animal Health Companies (INFAH)
  • Indonesia: Indonesian Veterinary Drugs Association
  • Ireland: Animal and Plant Health Association (APHA)
  • Italy: Italian Animal Health Association (AISA)
  • Japan: Japan Veterinary Products Association (JVPA)
  • Korea: Korean Animal Health Products Association (KAHPA)
  • Mexico: Industria Farmaceutica Veterinaria, Canifarma
  • Netherlands: Fabrikanten en Importeurs van Diergeneesmiddelen (FIDIN)
  • New Zealand: Association for Animal Health and Crop Protection (AGCARM)
  • Paraguay: Cámara de Especialidades Veterinarias del Paraguay
  • Portugal: Apifarma
  • South Africa: South African Animal Health Association
  • Asia: Asian Animal Health Association
  • Spain: Veterindustria
  • Sweden: Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF)
  • Switzerland: Scienceindustries
  • Thailand: Thai Animal Health Products Association
  • United Kingdom: National Office of Animal Health (NOAH)
  • United States: Animal Health Institute (AHI)
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Other Animal Medicines Associations:

  • Greece: HAVEPHARM
  • Finland: Finnish Veterinary Pharma Association (FVPA)
  • Poland: Polish Association of Producers and Importers of Veterinary Medicinal Products
  • Czech Republic: Czech and Slovak Association of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies (CSAVP)
  • Slovakia: Czech and Slovak Association of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies (CSAVP)
  • Hungary: HAIVPMR
  • Norway: Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (LMI)

Other Companies and Organizations:

  • Biogenesis
  • Colorado Serum Company
  • Coveli
  • Des-Vet Productos Vet
  • Dopharma
  • Jurox
  • Kyoritsu Seiyaku
  • Laboratorio Bio-Vet
  • LABORATÓRIO Productos Vet
  • Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo (Zenoaq)
  • Pharmaxim
  • Orion
  • Ourofino
  • Vetnil

Support from the Veterinary Community:

Statement from World
Veterinary Association:

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) represents around 500,000 veterinarians around the world. WVA commends HealthforAnimals for the development and launch of the Global Animal Health Sector Antibiotic Commitment WVA supports the initiatives and actions set out in the Commitment; they are in line with the WVA position on responsible use of medicines. WVA wishes HealthforAnimals much success in its endeavors to decrease the development of antimicrobial resistance.

Veterinarians play a primary role in assessing animal health, making a diagnosis, and recommending effective care programs including the use of antimicrobials which must be under veterinary care with a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

The WVA position highlights the global basic principles of antimicrobial use such as:
  • Therapeutic antimicrobials are licensed or registered for the purposes of disease treatment, control, and prevention.
  • The availability of antimicrobials should be based on risk/benefit analysis that considers the importance of the antimicrobial to both veterinary and human medicine.
  • Codes of good veterinary practice, quality assurance programs, herd health control and surveillance programs, and education programs should promote the responsible and prudent use of antimicrobials.
  • Therapeutic antimicrobials should be used for as long as needed but for the shortest duration necessary, and at the appropriate dosage.

Statement from the World Small Animal
Veterinary Association (WSAVA):

The World Small Veterinary Association (WSAVA) represents 200,000 veterinarians worldwide. Based on our active involvement in One Health and the recognition that AMR is very much a One Health issue within which companion animal practice shares responsibility for proper antimicrobial stewardship, the WSAVA endorses the HealthforAnimals antibiotic commitment, and looks forward to working collaboratively to realize its goals.

These actions are just a sample of the work done across the animal health industry to support responsible antibiotic use.
To learn more or to find out how to become a Commitment signatory, contact us.